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Updating Fundraising Data in Tableau


I still have a little ways to go to get to the required minimum fundraising level in order to participate in the 2014 Ride to Conquer Cancer. My previous post described the process I used to build a dashboard that would visualize the data in near real-time so I could track my fundraising efforts compared to the previous two years.

Tableau makes it real easy to be able to update the data used to create each sheet. It is as easy as a right-click to update to the most current version of the data you have.

In my case, I simply log into my fundraising account and download the current donations spreadsheet, and then switch to my 2014 sheet and right-click the data source, select “Edit Connection” from the context-menu and click OK. Since I replaced the existing spreadsheet with the most current, I simply click OK and the sheet updates with the most recent donations.

From the image above, I can easily see, comparing each year where I am at this point, that I am about $200 behind last year and about $700 behind 2012. This is such a great cause to support because not only does The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre do so much needed cancer research, and have made significant breakthroughs even in the last year, they also provide ongoing patient care and teaching and are one of the top 5 research centres in the world.

It takes less than a minute to donate securely online on my RTCC fundraising page –

Thank you for your support.


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